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“Traveling - it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” - Ibn Battuta

The Editorials avenue of the Rotaract Club of N.M. College organized an event called Non-Fiction Decoded, where we came up to discuss and came across various interesting concepts of non-fiction. The third phase of the event was the Travelogue phase. The purpose of the event was to enable the applicants with the opportunity to pen down their travelling experiences. Travelling and learning about new places and creating endless memories should never be just limited to ourselves but should also be shared with the people. And this event was a perfect platform that helped in exposing those unheard interesting travel stories with all of us. We had renowned and experienced travel bloggers along with us on board. Through this phase, I could read and relate to the ups and downs of the journey of different people and got to learn about the culture, languages, historical monuments, nature’s beauty, spectacular views of that particular place. We travel a place once but create memories that stay forever. There is always a speciality and uniqueness of a place which was beautifully described in the blogs by all the participants. Comparing and selecting the best one amongst all entries was a challenge done by our team and our collaborator-judge for the event. The best blog was acknowledged by posting it on the travel blogger's page. Through this phase, I learnt that travelling, exploring, and interacting with new people are necessary in our lives in order to flourish.

- Rtr. Riya Vaghela

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