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Importance of Social Youth Clubs

“Look into yourself to look beyond yourself” -Taleeb.

Social Youth Clubs provides a platform for the youth to come together,

discuss and plan activities for their own development as well as that of the

society. They help the youth to contemplate and understand the world

around them whilst recognising their responsibility towards the society and

Rotaract clubs of various countries, cities and districts play a major role in

doing so.

Rotaract club of N.M. College [RCNM] is one such institution that has been

contributing to the community in its own small yet significant way for the

last 24 years. It nurtures crucial life skills like leadership, management,

communication and fosters love of community. Not only does the club

encourage the Rotaractors to prosper as individuals and have greater

aspirations but also promotes social and cultural awareness.

RCNM consists of 13 very different avenues that work towards achieving

the same goal and conduct events justifying the annual theme and vision of

the club. Social issues and taboos have also been taken into consideration

and catered by the members of the club. At RCNM, participants from

various sections of the society and of different age groups are given

exposure and opportunities to indulge in stimulating activities.

In drawing things to a close, Rotaract clubs along with other social youth

clubs develop character and bring out the best of human spirit. They have ;

in the long run; turned out to be a paramount part of the generation and the


It’s always said that youth is the future and clubs like ours give birth to

future leaders, citizens and moreover good characters.

Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

- Rtr. Krina Bhavsar, Editor of The Rotaract Club of N.M. College 2021-22

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