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A Toast!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We know, we can, we can reach all heights, You know, we are, the RCNMites!

It’s been 25 years but when spoken about the club the shout still echoes in the ears of every RCNMite even today so there is no better way to raise a toast to the glory, legacy, memories, enthusiasm, grit, and willingness that has been showcased in the past years and still continues to exist with more vigor and passion to take the club to bigger heights with each passing year. So here’s a toast to all that’s kept us moving forward yet staying connected to the roots for so many years!

As the 25th team in succession when we look back the journey wasn’t an easy one for the club and the people who managed it. Right from creating a firm stand for itself in the college to setting up legacy projects like Rotofest or shifting the functioning online amidst a pandemic, there have been obstacles but that didn’t hinder their spirits to go on. So, here’s a toast to the never say die fortitude!

Aren’t 25 years always the special one?

Of course, it is because it is the ‘Silver Jubilee’. It is to the 25 years of timelessness that’s been evident. As it is said change is the only constant and with changing times everything needs an update and so did the club get upgraded with time. These changes haven’t been a cakewalk but the people who made it happen made it look like a piece of cake just so that nobody refutes change ever. So here’s a toast to timelessness!

RCNM is the Rotaract Club of Narsee Monjee College, We being the largest club in the college with 350+ active members. It took a lot of patience and constant effort to rise to this position. With each passing year, the team realized the type of events that the audience likes, requires, and create an everlasting impact. So here’s a toast to the constant efforts and consistency!

With astounding careers to build, manage attendance in college lectures to handling multiple internships we commerce students have never failed to make time for our very dear club and multi-tasked thousands of chores with being a vital part and contributing to the club in all the ways we could, can and will. RCNM is RCNM only because of the people that have been acquainted with the club in the past years. So here’s a toast to all those who made it happen!

Now that was about the past but we the present and the future resolute to take the club to greater heights, and stand true to our motto of Serve. Learn. Grow in all that we do. We promise to never give up on the organization that has given each person connected to it a lot to cherish for a lifetime. So here’s a toast to the glorious past and the shining future! Cheers! Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

- Rtr. Kanisha Kapadia, Vice President 2021-22

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