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In the year 2013, the Rotaract Club of N.M. College launched a project called "Handful of Grains"; with the aim of eradicating hunger and malnutrition by providingfood grains and other essential supplies to the underprivileged, needy communities of the society. This legacy project, going on since the past 7 years, increasing its impact every year, set a new mark this year. On 21st March 2021, our team succesfully distributed a total of 3200 kgs of supplies containing ration kits and stationery supplies which benefited 120 families and 250 children. The project successfully communicates the message that even the smallest contributions can help feed a family, educate a child, or simply bring a smile to someone's face. The team intends to continue making a difference in the lives of those in need in the coming years.



As the year starts so does the celebration, but not all celebrations are with parties or champagne.Some of these begin with celebrating the values learnt round the year and not repeating the mistakes others made. Cheers is one such legacy bulletin compiled by the Editorials avenue year after year on varied topics. Cheers is a way we raise a toast to the achievements of the past and for the bright future of the year that is to come. It is released each year on the Installation day in the presence of many dignitaries. Cheers has inputs right from the DRR to a page curator that's how it celebrates the diverse interpretations of the same feeling.

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Nova, the flagship event of Digital Communications was introduced 3 years back and every year it's carried out with immense pride and pleasure. It is a technology based legacy project where we give an opportunity to all the tech-savvies out there to participate and join various events and workshops. Every year we try to include different aspects like robotics, VFX and animation. Not only that but we also try to introduce new technology to the underprivileged children. As the avenue name suggest 'Digital' communications we try our best to stay in touch with the digital world through this fest.

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Neev is a social entrepreneurship based project of the club. This initiative aims at providing sustainable business models to underprivileged families, along with the necessary resources and training to help them earn income not just for one year, but for years to come. This project helped create a multi-fold impact on the lives of others. 

Project Neev aims at making a better life for under-previliged families by setting up a worthy, effective and a sustainable business model for them so as to provide them a stable income.

The business models are made according to the preferences and the skills the families possess. 

It will influence and benefit those families who had to go through economical and financial hardships and live a better life.



A Professional Development initiative, aimed at giving the participants a gist of the financial world. This event helped participants understand discounting future cashflows, technical and fundamental analysis of stocks, portfolio management and other aspects of finance. 

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Bazaar is the legacy project of Entrepreneurship Development which is the ultimate stop for excitement, opportunities, learning and innovations with loads of amusement and fun. 

It consists of having cut throat competitions with other businesses, advertising and marketing your unique products and services, convincing people, strategizing your games and events to win, earning the profit and becoming the ideal entrepreneur. 

We aspire to make it bigger and better with a lot of new ideas and a new approach to the legacy event BAZAAR.

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Project One is a legacy project, wherein the candidates who have applied for the post of a Board of Directors are
allotted to different avenues to work in teams, ideate an event under the assigned avenue, and execute the same within a time frame of approximately seven days. It is the practical phase of the interview for recruiting the Board of Directors and takes place after the theoretical interview phase for the same. This project is conducted to test the
skills of the potential candidates for the post and if they have the ability to carry the responsibilities which comes with the position of being a Director.

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At RCNM we have always believed in giving back to the society in any way that we are able to and, fortunately for us, Light A Bulb is one of the events that make it possible. LAB is a fundraiser event that has made it possible for us to provide light bulbs and solar panels to two villages near Maharashtra that lacked these necessary amenities before and other than that we have also, fortunately, been able to maintain these to full capacity in these years by bearing the repairing and maintenance costs of the same. LAB is more than just an event for us; it is an opportunity for us to experience the grass-root issues that exist in our society, to learn how privileged we are, and to ignite a spark of change among our members so that they can become the future drivers of evolution.



Iconic is a legacy project based on different aspects of photography. It carries out events and workshops for the upcoming photographers giving them a chance to showcase their skills and improve their qualities. It gives them a platform to learn about new technicalities involved in this process. It also includes exciting events based on video editing and film making.

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"Nayak" is an initiative that allows our team members to step into the shoes of the club's President and Core Team. This project's concept was developed with the main theme of character development for leaders as well as a fun and educational competition for participants. It was to help them understand that with power comes responsibility  and it aimed at instilling confidence in them so that they realise they are capable of taking on a leadership role as well.

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